Superico is a project started by Michael in 2018 after he left his with his full-time job in finance. Michael has always been passionate in cooking, travelling and meeting people. He felt that a private chef experience could be a perfect combination as it brings an fun and intimate experience to his clients, especially amid the current pandemic situation.

Superico is a play of word of super and rico, where rico in Spanish means delicious. Michael travels extensively and learns about local cuisines and strives to bring back and spread the knowledge. Between 2018 and 2020 he travelled to more than 20 countries, spent more than a year in Central and South America. He absolutely loves the food scene in each country, from the mouthwatering street tacos in Mexico to those hot and puffing arepas in Colombia, from the Peruvian ceviche to Brazil’s pão de queijo (cheese bread).

Michael received formal culinary school training in French Cuisin and French Pastry in one of the best culinary schools – Le Cordon Bleu. Though he has never worked in a professional kitchen, he understood and practiced high level of kitchen and personal hygiene.

At Superico, Michael is striving to combine his Asian background, love for Latin American food and his training in French cuisine.

Personal Chef Experience

Menu on request, since 2018. Follow my personal IG @wxumichael or Superico’s IG for updates.

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