Personal Chef Experience

Superico by Chef Xu is a personal chef experience started by Michael in 2018. The available menus are shown below and have flexibility upon request. Follow my IG @wxumichael for updates.

Michael uses high quality ingrediants that’s imported directly from Latin America.


Superico is a project started by Michael in 2018 after he left finance. Michael has always been passionate in cooking, travelling and meeting people. He felt that a private chef experience could be a perfect combination as it brings an fun and intimate experience to his clients, especially amid the current pandemic situation.

Superico is a play of word of super and rico, where rico in Spanish means delicious. Michael travels extensively and learns about local cuisines and strives to bring back and spread the knowledge. Between 2018 and 2020 he travelled to more than 20 countries, spent more than a year in Central and South America. He absolutely loves the food scene in each country, from the mouthwatering street tacos in Mexico to those hot and puffing arepas in Colombia, from the Peruvian ceviche to Brazil’s pão de queijo (cheese bread).

Michael received formal culinary school training in French Cuisin and French Pastry in one of the best professional culinary schools – Le Cordon Bleu. Though he has never worked in a comercial kitchen, he understood food safety and always maintain a high level of kitchen and personal hygiene.

At Superico, Michael is striving to combine his Asian background, love for Latin American food and his training in French cuisine.


Michael is available to serve all sorts of scenarios and settings, from corporate events to private gatherings. Typically I come to the event place/guests’ house where a kitchen is available (please refer to the ‘kitchen requirement’ under each menu). Guests typically have the option to join and prepare one of the starters / mains (e.g. the tortilla making process), and while they enjoy what they’ve made, chef Michael finishes the preparation of the rest of the menu.


Michael constantly experiments with new ingredients and brings new dishes and to his menu, and incorporate new techniques he acquires throughout his kitchen adventure. The menu would also be based on seasonality of ingredients and availability of his supplies. Currently Menu 1 is available while Menu 2 & 3 are termporarily unavailable until further notice.

Menu 1 – Taste of Mexico

4-10 people | HK$ 1000 p.p.

  • Starter (choose 1, same among guests)

Chilaquiles in Green Chili Sauce
Chilaquiles en salsa verde

Tamales in Green/Red Salsa or Mole Sauce
Tamales en salsa verde/roja o con mole

Huaraches with Octopus & Okra / Beef & Cactus
Huaraches con pulpo y okra / carne de vaca y napales

  • Main (choose 3, same among guests)

Chicken Enmoladas with Black Mole Sauce
Pollo enmoladas en mole negro oaxaqueño

Black Mole Chicken with Mexican Rice
Pollo en mole negro con arroz mexicano

Chicken Enchiladas with Red Chili Sause
Pollo enchiladas en salsa roja

Fish / Chicken / Shrimp / Beef Tongue Tacos (Choose 1-2)
Tacos de pezcado / pollo / camarón / lengua (eleja 1-2)

Yucatan Style Braised Pork
Cocinita Pibil

  • Dessert (optional, add HK$100 p.p.)

Tres Leches Mexican Flan
Tres Leches Flan mexicano

Spiced Rice Pudding with milk
Arroz con leche mexicano

Don’t see your favorite dish? Give us a name and we will figure it out 🙂

Kitchen Requirements

The menu “Taste of Mexico” requires these facilities / cookwares in the kitchen:

Counter spaceRefrigerator
SinkGas / Induction Stove (minimum 2 working)
Frying pan / Sautée pan Casserole
Oven (if dessert is selected)

Menu 2 – Around Latin America | 舌尖上的南美

(under development, currently unavailable)

  • Starter (choose 1, same among guests)

Argentinian Enpanadas with Chicken/Beef/Mushroom/Cheese
Enpanadas argentinas con pollo / carne de res / champiñónes / queso

Arepas with assorted fillings
Arepas con combinaciónes de queso, frijoles, huevos revueltos y aguacate

  • Main (choose 2, same among guests)

Fried Seabass with patacones
Róbalo Frito con Patacones

Colombia’s National Platter
Bandeja Paisa Colombiana

Peruvian Fried Beef with French Fries
Lomo Saltado Peruano

Costa Rican Bean and Rice with Matured Platano
Gallo Pinto con Platano Maduro

Colombian Chicken and Potato Soup
Ajiaco Colombiano

Mexico’s Stuffed Chiles in Creamy Almond Sauce
Chiles en Nogada

  • Dessert (optional)

Peruvian Picarones
Picarones Peruanos

Uraguayan Alfajores
Alfajores uraguayos

Don’t see your favorite dish? Give us a name and we will figure it out 🙂

Kitchen Requirements

The menu “Around South America” requires these facilities / cookwares in the kitchen:

Counter spaceRefrigerator
SinkGas / Induction Stove (minimum 2 working)
Frying pan / Sautée pan Casserole
Oven (if dessert is selected)

Menu 3 – French treats

(editing in process)

  • Starter

  • Main

Beef Bourgundy
boeuf bourguignon

  • Dessert (optional)

Menu 4 – Chinese Banquet at Home 中式家常菜

(4-10 people | HK$ 1680 p.p.)

  • Starter

Shredded Chicken with Vermicelli in Sesame Sauce

“Strange” Flavored Chicken

Drunken Chicken in Shaoxing Wine

Szechuan Style Crispy Pork Shoulder



  • Main

Squirrel” Fish (Sweet and Sour Fish)

Sze-chuan Style Fish Fillet with Pickled Cabbage

Braised Fish in Soy Sauce

“Lychee” Pork in Sweet and Sour Sauce

Braised Pork Ball in Brown Sauce

Sweet and Sour Pork / Chicken / Shrimp

Sweet and Sour Prawns

Fried Prawns in Salted Egg Sauce

Steamed Pork Covered with Sticky Rice Powder

Cha Chaan Teng-Style Spaghetti Bolognese

Braised chicken with mushrooms and vermicelli

Cha Chaan Teng-Style Chicken Wings in Suiss Sauce

‘Interwined Dragon’ Braised Eggplant with Minced Pork

Mapo Tofu

Stewed Tofu with Assorted Veggetables

Don’t see your favorite dish? Give us a name and we will figure it out 🙂

Menu 5 – Indian

(coming soon…)

Chef’s Note

I will arrive 1.5-2 hours in advance for preparation.
A kitchen assistant might be brought to your kitchen to assist with the preparation.
I will clean the used cooked wares and return the kitchen to its original state, but not your used personal utensils.
Vegetarian or any meal requirements please note in booking, I can suggest alternative options.

Booking Note

When making a booking, please share some photos of your kitchen interior, facilities, equipments and cookware. This would be very helpful.

Kitchen Hygiene and Nutrition

Michael pays great attention to his personal hygiene while he works in your kitchen. He and his assisstant would constantly keep things in order and finally return your kitchen to its original state.

Michael also understands food safety, and he puts your health at the highest priority.

Nutrition wise, unless specifically asked, Michael would cook with minimal added oil and salt to make sure the dishes are healthy while being tasty.